Replacement for Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery, digital camera battery for Panasonic NCA-YN101H

3.6V, 680mAh Panasonic NCA-YN101H batterycertification

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  • 680mAh, 3.6V, Black Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery
  • 680mAh, 3.6V, Black Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery
Chemistry: Li-ion
Condition: Brand new
Warranty: One year
Shipping: All over the world

Quick Overview Don't want to miss any good pictures when you go out and play with your family or friends? Prepare a spare NCA-YN101H battery for Panasonic digital camera. Replacement for Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery at our website: High quality and low price batteries that are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer, brand new, never used. Excellent quality battery cells are used for Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery. This rechargeable battery pack has high capacity, making it possible to shoot many photographs with your digital camera on a single battery charge. What's more, the NCA-YN101H digital camera battery have full one year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee!

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Following these steps to extend life for Panasonic NCA-YN101H battery:

  1. Turn off your LCD display screen.
  2. Minimize the picture preview to the least amount of time possible—usually one second. This uses less LCD screen time, thus less power.
  3. Dim the brightness on your LCD screen. A dimmer display extends NCA-YN101H battery life by consuming less power to light the screen. This might make the display harder to see, but usually only in direct sunlight.
  4. Set the power saver to the least amount of time. Power saver lets your compact digital camera “sleep” when not in use, but doesn’t shut it down entirely.
  5. Turn off the continuous focus. Again, constantly using motors and electronics to ready your shot drastically minimizes battery life.
  6. Don’t push the shutter button half-way down until you’re ready to shoot. Pushing the shutter button (constantly resetting and refocusing) will drain NCA-YN101H battery life.
  7. Use the flash only when necessary. Your product’s “auto flash” option should take care of this, but make sure your flash isn’t going off in broad daylight.
  8. Don’t delete pictures from your device unless necessary. This consumes power. Wait until you download the pictures to your computer before deleting.
  9. This one’s basic, but charge your battery often. In fact, lithium ions work better and last longer if charged completely and regularly.

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